Gift To Nature want to know what to call Ryde’s nature reserve – will you help? The nature reserve south of Quarry Lane, Ryde has various names, and people have told us they want to have a say in what we call it in the future. So now’s your chance to tell Gift To Nature what you think they should call that beautiful bit of countryside.

At present Gift To Nature are calling it Swanmore Meadows, but local people have said that name suggests a housing estate, and not the beautiful woodland and grassland it is.

Beautiful flowers on the restored path, 2016

Beautiful flowers on the restored path, 2016

Carol Flux says “We have had varying suggestions including ‘Rosemary Common’. There used to be pig sties there and ‘Piggy Lane’, ‘Pig Leg Lane’ and ‘Iggy Piggy Lane’ have all been suggested. We have set up a survey form and are going for the public vote. We would like to say that the most popular name will win, but I am afraid ‘Piggy McPigface’ is not going to be acceptable!

Thanks to funding from Postcode Local Trust and Down To the Coast the site is currently undergoing a revamp. The successful name will be going on signboards and maps on the nature reserve. Votes close on 20th November.