We are the Isle of Wight’s local countryside charity. We own and manage countryside, green space and nature reserves across the Island for everyone to enjoy, for free, all year around.

The Perfect Picnic
Can you think of anything more British than sitting in the sunshine (or clouds for that matter) and enjoying a glass of Pimms, alongside a finger sandwich and a cocktails sausage? Us Brits are known for our love of sitting on the classic striped blanket come rain or shine and our little Island offers plenty […]
Gift to Nature Calendar Competition
Are you a novice nature photographer? Or do you just love taking photos of this gorgeous Island? We’re producing a Gift to Nature 2019 calendar & your photos could be part of it. Simply use the #G2Ncalendar to enter. If you win, not only will your photo be in our official calendar, you’ll also get […]
The Wight Walks
Our little Island has long been adored for its outstanding natural beauty. From the Royal connections to the unique sub-climate in Ventnor, that allows many tropical plants to flourish and our gorgeous coast and the panoramic views, we really are very lucky indeed. That said, with work, family or just generally busy lives, it can […]
Nuts to Squirrels
Nuts to Squirrels
The Outdoor Mindfulness Guide
Here at Gift to Nature HQ we’re always looking for ways to improve and this month we thought we would share a mindfulness technique that will get you walking in the great outdoors and enjoying all the beauty our little Island has to offer. If you’re even a smidgen into self-care, you’ll already be au […]

Gift to Nature is changing and growing into something new, bigger and better. In February 2016 the Island 2000 Trust charity took on the management of most of the Isle of Wight Council’s countryside estate, to add to its own existing Gift to Nature sites. This new project is run under the name of Gift to Nature – meaning that both IWC countryside and G2N will be better placed to keep our beautiful countryside open and free for all.

Things we do

  • We look after countryside and green spaces on the Isle of Wight
  • We help people improve land they manage
  • We run lots of interesting and fun events
  • We promote routes to access the countryside
  • We look after special habitats and species
  • We give advice and support to people about how to do these things for themselves
  • Lots of other things!