The Perfect Picnic

Can you think of anything more British than sitting in the sunshine (or clouds for that matter) and enjoying a glass of Pimms, alongside a finger sandwich and a cocktails sausage? Us Brits are known for our love of sitting on the classic striped blanket come rain or shine and our little Island offers plenty of gorgeous outdoor space to allow us to indulge the urge to picnic.


The Picnic Essentials

We thought we would make life a little easier for you by popping together a fail-safe list of essentials that will cover your picnics whatever the weather:


  • Crockery & cutlery, remember serving spoons if you’ve got salads or similar
  • Bin-bags, not just for rubbish but also to use under your blankets if the ground is still wet, or as a makeshift cagoule for when the heavens open
  • A mini first aid kit, because you can guarantee the one time you forget it, will be when the little ones take a tumble
  • Frozen bottles of water/squash so they stay cold throughout the day, top-tip, pop it between your sarnies to work as a home-made cool box
  • Pound coins for ice-cream, no, ice cream vans still don’t accept cards
  • Picnic blankets, if you don’t have one simply use towels or a throw and put your trusty bin-bags underneath
  • Kites or other games for children
  • A book or two
  • Sun cream because how many times have you been caught out thinking it’s not hot enough to burn and then walked home in your best lobster impression?
  • A little bit of honey. For warmer days it’s a good idea to pop a little bit of honey in some water and leave on a saucer away from your picnic, that way wasps will leave you alone
  • Food and lots of it because there’s always room for seconds on a picnic.


Do you have a favourite picnic spot? Why not broaden your horizons and try somewhere new, click here  for inspiration.  Or better still, join us on the 27th of May for our Big Kite Picnic at Golden Hill Country Park  Click here for more info


This FREE event is our annual fundraiser and chance for you to come together with friends and family. The day will offer kite making workshops with Shademakers (you are also welcome to bring your own). Storytelling and refreshments. Whilst this event is free, we will be fundraising to keep the Country Park beautiful. Invite friends and family to your very own Gift to Nature picnic and encourage them to bring their monies for donations. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch!


We’re looking forward to seeing you there.