The Team

Graham Biss

Chief Executive Graham Biss is the brains behind the outfit, and manages not only Gift to Nature but the whole of the Island 2000 Trust and all its projects. Graham is passionate about the Isle of Wight, its communities, rural economy and countryside. He’s also pretty keen on football.

Carol Flux

As part of a varied portfolio of work Carol spends some of her time as part of the Gift to Nature team, particularly involved in developing new projects and finding vital funding for site improvement works. She can sometimes be found up to her waist in Island rivers!

Vanessa Langley

Vanessa is the one who you’ll probably meet first – she’s often found in our lovely shop, it’s her job to help us raise the money to keep these beautiful bits of the Island open for the future. She also communes with faeries.

Nick Webb

Nick is our full-time ranger so you are most likely to find him out on one of our sites. If you see our ranger truck driving by, he’s the guy behind the wheel. Nick does a lot of work managing and supervising our fabulous volunteers who are out there loving our countryside in a very practical way. He’s a very dedicated cyclist so you might see him zooming along on his bike, too.

Edward Stiles

Our most photogenic member of staff, Edward is the Gift to Nature Apprentice Countryside Ranger: working hard alongside Nick managing the sites, working with the volunteers whilst studying for a countryside management qualification at the Isle of Wight College.