When Brading Town Council asked us to look at getting some new bins at Brading Down, we knew we couldn’t afford to just buy some. This special downland landscape is a well-loved place for so many people, and it needed some bins that would blend in sympathetically. So we asked Island Roads for help, and were delighted when they offered to build some for us.

Hand-built by Island Roads craftsman Nick Rayner, the three new bins replace the derelict old wooden ones, and the nasty-looking plastic bins that had been standing-in for them.

So thanks to Brading Town Council and Island Roads for your help! Please use our new bins and help us keep Brading Down tidy!

(In the top picture: L-R; Gift to Nature Manager Matthew Chatfield, Brading Deputy Mayor Cllr Peter Ratcliffe, Nick Rayner from Island Roads)

From the Isle of wight County Press

From the Isle of Wight County Press

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