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Creating fantastic places for wildlife to thrive and for you to enjoy.

Protecting the Isle of Wight's Wildlife

Gift to Nature is the flagship conservation project of the Island 2000 Trust.

Gift to Nature is passionate about the Isle of Wight’s wildlife, from our famous Red Squirrels to obscure tiny rare bees. Since 2002 we have created and cared for a variety of conservation sites across the Island.


“Loving our local countryside”

Gift to Nature is changing and growing into something new, bigger and better

The Island 2000 Trust charity is taking on the management of most of the Isle of Wight Council’s countryside estate, to add to its own existing Gift to Nature sites. This new project will all be run under the name of Gift to Nature – meaning that G2N will be bigger and stronger.

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Join us, we want to share our lovely sites and all of the Island’s beautiful countryside so we have produced trail maps and lead guided walks to encourage everyone to get out and explore our fantastic Island.

You might find something a bit different, each of our sites features local art, whether a carved picnic bench or a scrap-metal sculpture. We invite local craftsmen and artists to help add something special to what nature (and our conservation workers) have provided.

Thanks to all of our supporters, all of this work is only possible with the help of our committed supporters. All donations enable us to continue our conservation work on the Isle of Wight. If you would like to support the work of Gift to Nature click here.

Gift to Nature is an Island 2000 Trust project. Click here for an overview of Island 2000.

Gift to Nature is delivered by Natural Enterprise and is part of the Island 2000 Trust, registered charity no. 1083233.

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